December 7, 2008

Party Time

Today is, regretfully, a very good day for blogging. I must begin on a positive note. Yesterday was a great day! We went to Gabby's and destroyed her house. Then, she retaliated by loading the kids up with sugar and sending them home with me. On the way home, we drove through a local nativity scene, or an "activity scene" as Pods would call it. Everyone got home and took a quick bath and hit the bed. What a day!
1:45 a.m. changed all of that. I woke up with a flash. My stomach felt awful! You know, when you want it to either go up or down, just go! I started analyzing what this could be. Stomach virus, Griff's burger, antibiotic, time of the month?? Whatever it was, I was going to die right there. Well, I might as well do something useful, so I started thinking of future blog topics. I
stayed in bed like this until 6:15 a.m., when the party got started. There was a loud crash from the floor above. All sorts of noises were coming from "their room" upstairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, their light was on and they were having a party. My intent was to open the door, put them back to bed, and turn off the light at the ceiling fan so we didn't have a repeat. Of course, my plans never work. As I reached in to turn the light off, down the stairs they went. Ughhh! They were wired. I decided it was Sunday morning and I would not be getting up a moment before 8:00 am. I've paid my dues, now I'm going to get some rest. I tried to get them to lie down with me, but that was pointless. Big E had bigger plans like seeing what was cooking in the oven for him.
Finally, I got all of the little restless rascals in my bed and still. And wouldn't you know it? The little kid with a bad hiney rash released his bowels. I had to go over all of the other kids to get to him. So much for keeping them still. I got up, turned on the t.v., gave them some chocolate milk, and went back to bed. They did not get breakfast until 8:15. Stinkers!
There were about a million other things that happened this day that I was going to blog about, but it's been 24 hours and I have, thankfully, forgotten the rest of the chaos that happened. There will be more to can be sure of it.

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