December 14, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Wow! A whole week's gone by since I was last here. This year, I decided that I was going to let things go around here and enjoy doing Christmas projects with the kids. I always have these great plans of decorating cookies, reading stories, lighting up the neighborhood with our house, etc. Somehow the busyness of the season always seems to take over. Not this year. All Christmas shopping was done before Halloween, except for a handful of little things. You wouldn't believe the load that takes off! Decorations were put up right after Thanksgiving. We've just been enjoying time together. We've painted ornaments, read Christmas stories, and sang Christmas carols. I built a gingerbread house and Miss Pods took over the decorating. I iced the roof and she did the rest all by herself. I thought she did a good job for a five year old! Thanks to Anita for all of the decorating tips! :) We drove around and looked at lights. Frijole Man had to tell us about every light bulb he saw. Bubbie and Pods wanted to go home.

Oh, and Thursday night was our first Girl's Night Out in MONTHS!! We had a great time celebrating all of the Mrs. December's birthdays!! Especially, Mrs. Cristy! Doesn't she look FABULOUS for 50?? Just kidding... she is one hot 40 year old!! Sorry boys, she's taken. :) And when they kick you out of the restuarant where else is there to go but Big Lots? ;)

On Friday night, Eric and I had our first date in months. We decided to go all out, so we ventured out to the "ICE" exhibit at the Gaylord. Amazing!, but freezing! Something to see. We are planning to take the kids out there later this week and try and get a picture for the annual cards. Our first attempt was a failure.

Pods and I went to see The Nutcracker today. We've done this every year since she was two. It was beautiful! Always a treat!
This week will be consumed with school parties and programs. The count down to Santa's arrival is beginning...I've already had to pull out the old "Santa doesn't come to naughty kid's houses. Remember on Polar Express!" Eleven days to go and threats already fill the air!

I must say, I am thrilled that we haven't had all of the usual illnesses that plague our bunch this time of year! It has been such a blessing to have healthy kids! I used to keep charts of who got what meds and breathing treatments and when. Explains some of my nuttiness! Hopefully, this will be an easier winter!

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