December 1, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere!

"I'm the one!"
Well, I'm a bit behind on my blogging. Here's the follow-up to the last entry.

I had company coming, the house had been hit by three little tornadoes full of testosterone, and I was supposed to be out of town the next day. The phone rang and it was Eric who was on the road. All of the boys were watching Elmo. Maybe I could talk to my hubby for a few minutes?? Nah. Big E escaped upstairs without me even noticing. After I hung up the phone, I heard it raining again. It had been raining all morning. However, this time the rain seemed a bit more, shall I say, "in the same room?" I thought maybe one of the boys had opened the front door to watch it. As I left the living room, I noticed it was raining in our dining room. How lovely! In the blink of an eye, I was up the stairs and turning off the over-flowing sink faucet in the kid's bathroom upstairs. What is it with Big E and water? There had better be a swimming scholarship in that kid's future! And with his ADD issues, he might just be the next Michael Phelps...or Joe the plumber.

It wasn't as deep as the last episode. This time it did involve two rooms and a ceiling. Hopefully, we'll get this latest project completed soon. Eric and I are becoming quite the home improvement guru's. We might even have our own show someday.

And yes, the door now has a child-proof lock on it. We'll find out if it's Big E proof...

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