March 1, 2009

A Life...Could It Be?

We, at the Robertson household, passed a major milestone today. It was sort of a rite of passage. My poor husband once again thinks I'm nuts, but this was a major event for the children and I. And it all happened because I made a mistake. Me? Mistake? No way.
Our church has long been void of a married couple's class. A new class started today. I've been so excited to go and meet other couples in the same season of life. I've had this date marked my calendar for two months now. Well, the class (in my mind) is supposed to start at 9:00 A.M. I remember thinking it was going to take a whole lot of effort to get every little body up and out the door on the weekend to be able to get to this class. We rushed around and made it on time. However, the class was moved to 11:00. So much for that idea! There was no way the kids were going to wait through two services. We were out of there by 10:45.
I had been craving On the Border for three days straight. I'd even considered calling the babysitter and getting a date. My poor husband would think I was just enjoying time alone while I really just wanted food. It also did help that the choir sang some jazzy Latino worship music which causes my mouth to start watering for fajita's.
We have not been out to eat as a family in at least a little over a year. Too much work and no enjoyment. You have to understand what it's like. We are that family everyone stares down because their kids are a major disruption to the peace. Four little ones can produce quite a mess, too. However, my stomach won over my brain, so I started hinting to Eric that maybe we should give it a try. After all, it was only 11am and still a way's away from cranky naptime.
Believe it or not, the kids were wonderful. Bubbie even ate a corny dog. Pods was great. Frijole Man got his feelings hurt a few times and just ducked under the table. No tears though. Big E was content using his knife to saw up chips. I actually got to eat until I was stuffed! What a wonderful experience! There is hope for our family yet! All I could do was shout HALLELUJAH!

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