September 14, 2009

Give Me That Wink!

Caleb's figured out how to only a four year old can. His mouth is wide open while doing some sort of contorted movement as half of his face scrunches up and squishes his eye shut. The best part is when he adds a "thumbs up" with it. I catch these little winks at all the wrong times which is the funny part. During our dinner prayer, when I peek my eyes open to make sure no one is stealing a bite, I'll get "the wink." "Mom! Can I play the Wii??? I lub you bery much!! *wink*." "Mom!! Kathryn's hitting me!! (Aren't you going to give her a red bottom?) *wink*." "Mom!! Dad's gone for three days and I'm going to be a holy terror!! *wink*."

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