January 2, 2010

Pricey Pedi

I had a gift certificate to get a manicure and pedicure. Well, it had actually expired a week prior, but thanks to a conversation with my husband, I was actually going to get to use it. I decided that since my fingers and toes were going to look pretty, I should try to make the rest of me match...just for the day. So, I waxed my eyebrows, shaved my legs, did my hair, and make-up...all that vain stuff. I left the house with just a tad more self-confidence.

Forward to the beauty treatment. I'm sitting in the chair while a lady works on my fingers and a guy is working on my toes. The lady starts telling me that I have beautiful nails. What? I think I've had this nail polish on since Halloween and my cuticles were peeling off like my boys on their big wheels. Anyways, she goes on to tell me that a French manicure would look beautiful and make my nails look longer. Since I was having a vain moment, I said, "sure." Next thing I know, she's staring at my eyebrows. She said, "You need eyebrow wax. Your brow all messy. I clean them up for you." Seriously?? I had just fixed them! Within five minutes, the guy asked me if I wanted to have my heels scrubbed for an extra $5.00. Isn't that part of a pedicure? After finally catching on to this little game, I told the lady I wanted regular paint on my nails. She goes, "Fine. Whatever you want."

That was my relaxing get-a-way for the day. I do have pretty nails now. :)

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