March 11, 2010

March Update

I'm really getting behind on this whole blogging thing. So many funny things are happening and I am neglecting to keep record of them. Here are some recent stories that I can still recall after indulging my red wine ice cream float....

Mr. Bubbie has been refining his back-talking skills lately. He walked away from me the other day mumbling some choice words. I called him on it. In the sweetest voice a four year old boy can have, he said, "Oh, it was nothing mommy. I was just talking in Spanish." Se habla red bottom.

Pods has lost her second tooth (3/10/10). She is looking quite holy these days.

Biggin's speech is coming right along. His speech therapist was working with him the other day. She was verbalizing the activity he was working on and evidently he had had enough. He looked up at her with a mean face, teeth clenched and told her to "STOP IT!" Never interrupt a man when he's working. Potty training is moving right along, too!

Frijole, well, he just thinks everything is funny. "Is that funny, Mommy?" He's also been very talented with the Expo markers lately....carpet, walls, bookshelves. He likes to color outside of the lines.

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