March 21, 2010

Snow?? Seriously??

Today was the first day of the season of which I live for it's arrival. Spring. The kids and I have already refilled the flowerbeds with new dirt, preparing them for a bounty of flowers. Thankfully, we delayed buying them because the vacuum fell on my foot. Long story, but basically my foot hurt so bad we didn't make it to the store before it hit. Yes, ANOTHER snowy day here in Tejas. That's our fifth snow of the season. I am tired of snow and ready for sun.

It's kind of humorous because I spent four hours one night two years ago, trying to figure out how to make it "snow" on my blog. This year I got it, but now I can't figure out how to turn the darn thing off. That's why in July, it will still be snowing on here. I'll probably like it then.

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