April 12, 2010

Bon Jovi, BABY!!!!

Seeing how I'm about to turn 35, I think Bon Jovi is a great
way to kick off my midlife crisis. I can't believe April 10th
has already come and gone. I really need it to come again
and soon!

Here's the 4-1-1....Sixteen momma's gettin' all hot and ready
to rock all night. It takes a lot of prep work at this age. Got
to get the tan, nails, hair and all the other fake stuff
into position. Hoppin' in the mini van and heading to Big D
for a night of fun!

We all met in the West End - it's been at least a decade
since I've been down there! Dinner was served up at
TGI Friday's. It was a fabulous night to sit outside!
We ladies had ourselves a blast sitting outside enjoying
the perfect evening.

After dinner, it was time to hop on the Gator bus. This
was definitely the most fun bus ride ever! It was covered
top to bottom with autographs, and we made sure we
left our marks. Jovi was blasting and we were rockin'
all the way to the American Airlines Center.

We knew we had some cheap seats, but we were not
expecting to be in the VERY top row!! We were split
into two groups because of the way we had to purchase
the tickets. The other girls were about ten rows ahead
of us. hands were literally grabbing the cup holders.
How were we going to dance without falling on
our heads?? The concert started and we adjusted. You
gotta make the best of it, right?

Early in the concert, a lady came up and asked us
how many were in our group. Eight was our lucky
number! She had eight tickets down on the floor!!
Talk about some ecstatic women!! We ran, screaming
all the way, down to our floor seats! Doesn't get better
than that!!

That hot 47 year old Jersey boy can sure put on
a great show!! We rocked. We swayed. We were
so sore by the end of the show!! He is a classic! A
great performer and I can't wait to go the next concert!

As for me and the girls, we're still recovering. It takes
a little longer at our age, but that's okay. We just relish
it longer!

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