April 14, 2010

Baseball Season Has Arrived!

This is the first year Bubbie has had the opportunity to show us his skills. Blastball is our newest addition to the family schedule. It's a chance for the little ones to learn how to play baseball. Very basic. They have to hit the ball and make it to first base, which is like an over-sized whoopie cushion. What little boy doesn't love that? Bats, balls, and obnoxious noises.

Bubbie has his dad's baseball skills - which are actually quite good. In fact, we have to make sure he lets the other kids have a chance to catch the ball. If no one seems to be reacting (fast enough for him), he takes care of it no matter what his position.

At his last game, he hit the ball and somehow it came back toward the line between home and first. He just kept running, hopped over it, and made it to second - no problem. I guess the fact that there's always flying objects in our house is finally paying off. :)

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