August 19, 2010

Ready, Set, Here We Go!

I've spent the last two weeks making sure the next ten weeks are full of activities. The ironic thing is that we try not to be "one" of those scheduled families. Ten weeks won't kill us, right?

Homeschooling allows us a lot of "together" time, which is why I like to give the kids some time to pursue their own activities. Since our days are quite flexible, it also allows our activities to be flexible, too. I love that the kids can be involved and that we can have dinner and evenings together every night.

So, here's the extracurricular run down:

Pods: piano, soccer, Faith Keepers, and church choir
Bubbie: soccer, baseball, church choir
Frijole & Biggins: soccer

They all get to play soccer because it was going to cost the same whether two or four played. You better believe I signed them all up. Free energy depletion!

Baseball is our only evening and weekend activity...but because Bubbie loves it and so does his momma, that will be okay. :)

School starts September 10th. Another exciting year lies ahead!

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