August 4, 2010

Where has the Summer Gone?

This summer turned out to be nothing like what I envisioned. That's probably a good thing... for the most part. June started with a tenth anniversary get-a-way for my Honeymooner and I. We took a quick trip to Hot Springs...nothing fancy. We're saving that one for when we don't have to make arrangements for all the kids - and when I get a new passport.

The following weekend, I hosted a baby shower for my new little niece - who will be arriving in the next few weeks. We're very excited to have some pink around!

Eric's big 40th took place the next weekend. It was a fun little shindig. I think he enjoyed it - which made it worth all the trouble. :)

Our little Podderiffic turned seven one week later. She's growing up so fast! This is a great age!

Independence Day was celebrated next.

Twelve days later, Bubbie celebrated turning five. He's getting so tall and is becoming quite the gentleman...well, except with his brothers. He must reign "King of Boy-ness" over them.

Followed by a week of VBS.

Throw in a few days at the water park, visiting museums, playing in the sprinklers, friend's birthday's, cook-outs, library visits, and a garage sale and there went our summer.

The month of August is going to be used to get us back in the swing of life. And the kids just started sleeping a little later.. 7am.... Oh, well. We just started a new curriculum and the kids are loving it! They all got to learn the meaning of their names. We have studied the Vikings, Leif Erickson, and Eric the Red. Today we read about Christopher Columbus and made boats out of foil. Our very own Nina, Pinta, & Santa Maria. Then, we sailed them across the bathtub blue. It was so fun and what memories will the kids have!

And that's where summer has gone....

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