December 11, 2010

Conversations With the Tooth Fairy

Pods lost her seventh tooth. Mom forgot to do the deed. Pods came running downstairs the next morning to let me know that the Tooth Fairy did not come to visit. Mom tried to explain that maybe she was incredibly busy the prior night. Pods explained that she had tried to trick the Tooth Fairy by placing a piece of candy where her tooth should have been. Mom was off the hook. :) And so began the conversations with the Tooth Fairy....

She carefully wrote the Tooth Fairy a sweet note asking to keep her tooth. The Tooth Fairy wrote back, congratulating her on her "loss" and letting her keep the treasured tooth. She still got her dough.

The following night, while turning out her lamp, I noticed another little note to the fairy. So, the good little fairy wrote her back and left a little fairy dust behind while reminding her to brush up. Oh, the excitement in the morning!

To my surprise, on the third night, Pods created a little bed beside her own, complete with a note asking the Tooth Fairy for more fairy dust. On the pillow lay a little crown made out of wire. How precious is that? Almost as precious as Pod's face looked the next morning when she found curly hair intertwined in the little crown.

Sweet little notes and all sorts of little treasured have been layed out for the Tooth Fairy. She has received Christmas ornaments, money, and crowns of all kinds. Every morning, Pods wakes up to discovered the magic that took place while she dreamt.

I think I'm having the most fun! It's like finding a little Christmas present each night and getting to see that gleam on her face each morning.

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